Auto Detailing Packages


If you’re interested in getting the best car detailing Charlotte has to offer then the certified professionals at Charlotte Auto Spa are here to assist. With nearly two decades of experience from the owner alone, this shop helps preserve and protect your cars value. If you’ve fallen out of love with your car or are tired of taking your car to the local car wash and are unsatisfied with the results then we can help. We restore filthy cars to beautiful ones and have extensive experience with seasonal pollen in the spring and fall seasons.

Our shop’s passion stems from providing the best detailing and paint protection services available. We truly understand that detailing your car provides added protection to your vehicle, maintains the value of your car better than a non-detailed car and turns heads on the road. With auto detailing services that include exterior touch up, clay and polish, paint correction, paintless dent repair, concours correction and interior details any vehicular surface can be restored and cleaned.  At Charlotte Auto Spa our goal is to provide the best detail for every client, every time.

The best way to protect your investment!

Exterior Touch Up

This package includes an eco friendly car wash, detail and shine of wheels and exterior window cleaning.

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Clay and Polish

This package includes a clay bar, one stage of paint correction, thorough car wash and a wheel and tire detail.

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Paint Correction

This package includes clay bar, compound polish, removal of wash lines and swirling, wheel and tire detail and shine.

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Paintless Dent Repair

This package includes a dent repair consultation and paintless dent repair services.

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Concourse Correction

This package includes a car wash, wheel and tire detail and shine, clay bar, compound polish and a wet sand (if necessary).

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Interior Detail

This package includes an extensive interior vacuum, deep cleaning of all surfaces and cleaning of the cup holders.

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