Clear Bra Packages


Charlotte Auto Spa has the clear bra Charlotte, and the surrounding areas, need to stay protected from the elements. Clear Bra is an incredibly clear polyurethane invisible film that defends your vehicle against rock chips, dings, insect acids, scratches, swirling, tree sap and road salt. In the event that a rock chip comes into contact with the surface of the clear bra, the clear bra possesses self-healing properties that heals itself in a heated garage or sunny area!

The clear bra Charlotte Auto Spa offers goes on crystal clear and is perfectly matched to the exact dimensions of your vehicle by a custom plotter. We offer XPEL and 3M film that is guaranteed to never bubble or yellow. With four distinct packages we protect vulnerable areas of your vehicle, or the entire vehicle. The vehicle packages we offer include bumper and headlights, partial kit, full front kit and full car kit. Protect your investment and add value to your vehicle with the addition of a clear bra package.

Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Protects Against

  • Paint Chipping
  • Rock Chips
  • Road Salt
  • Bugs
  • Scratches
  • Tree Sap

Featured Package: Full Front Kit

  • Entire coverage of hood
  • Full fender coverage (with wrapped edges)
  • Bumper coverage
  • Front side mirrors
  • Headlights

We Use the Best Clear Bra Charlotte Offers

Clear Bra is the most protective solution on the market for your vehicle. No other protective solution can guarantee protection from rock chips.

With the amount of money we spend on our cars, doesn’t it also make sense to protect our paint and maintain the vehicle as best as possible? We spend loads of time and substantial chunks of money for years to pay these vehicles off. If we’re willing to spend all this money on a nice machine, doesn’t it also make sense to protect that machine and keep it in the best shape possible? With the addition of Clear Bra you can do just that. From the time the vehicle rolls off the manufacturer’s line your car begins to depreciate. Protect your cars value and your cars exterior from gravel, extreme weather and everyday wear and tear with the addition of clear Bra Charlotte Auto Spa’s paint protection film.

Xpel Ultimate PPF

XPEL Ultimate is a combination of sophisticated, scientifically proven elastomeric polymers. This protective coating goes on clear and possesses self-healing properties to literally heal itself from rock chip damage! The paint protection film prevents paint discoloration, scratching, swirling and marring to the paint and if they appear on the film itself they quickly disappear once it’s simply parked in the sun. The paint protection film allows for expedited cleanings, dirt and debris to wipe right off.

Xpel Stealth

XPEL Stealth is a clear bra film specially formulated for vehicles that have matte paint coats. This film possesses a satin finish and maintains and preserves the specially formulated paint of the vehicle. Matte paint is incredibly difficult to restore and maintain and with the addition of XPEL Stealth paint protection film, your vehicles paint will have the best clear bra specifically formulated for your paint. With the increased feasibility of washing your car this paint protection film makes cleaning that specialized coat easier then it’s ever been. Backed by a ten-year warranty from staining, cracking, delamination, blistering and yellowing your paint can be protected from the environmental fallout!


3M offers virtually invisible paint protection film that prevents damage from rock chips, salt rings and harsh weather. Once applied to the vehicle by a professional installer this clear bra requires no regular maintenance or upkeep. With protection from yellowing, bubbling, cracking and delamination you’ll drive with far less worry than your unprotected counterpart on the road. Backed by a manufacturer warranty this film gives you peace of mind and protection from everyday wear and tear.